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Roaming Digital Cameras

We are 'photos on the fridge' people. We built our roaming cameras around photo prints.
Undisposable is not an analogue hire company but Guest Photo Printing hire is one of our key services and we're proud that we customised our product every step of the way with the customer in mind:
  • The paper couldn't be bought here so we imported it ourselves
  • Hosts wanted a copy for themselves so we duplicated every print
  • The wifi was not reliable enough so we switched to a plug-in process
  • Guests were rotating the cameras so we wrote our own software
  • The hired cameras were mistaken for guest owned so we made custom branded wrist straps
  • All ages and levels of sobriety are involved so we exclusively use shock-proof and water-proof cameras
With that in mind we have our Roaming Digital Cameras with built in flash, double branded prints and a tiny space requirement to suit any venue. Our setup is not bold and is designed as a complement to your event. The focus is to get you as many photos as we can of your guests, being themselves, at your event, in your venue.


Guest Cameras

Our roaming guest cameras are handed out for guests to take their own photos. We cycle each of them through the printer a few times during the event for instant prints. The cameras are free to roam between groups, tables and areas for people to take selfies, candids and portraits of friends and family. Each photo is printed twice, once for the guests and once for the host.

Custom Branded


Our prints are cute size, 10cmX7.5cm, which makes them small enough for a pocket but big enough to see peoples faces. We put together a custom print template for you, whether it is all white, just names and date, a logo you've had made or something entirely new. The print design is yours to decide but we've got loads of pre-made template for convenience too just in case.

No Maximum

Hire Time

Our roaming cameras follow your event through its schedule and finer details. If you want us just for the party we can do that, or we can start during the mingling and follow through til the music is off and the lights are on. We recommend a minimum off 4 hours for guest experience but have done up to 8 hours to cover say a wedding from first kiss to sparkler send-off. 


Photo Album

For private events we want a lasting memory book of moments and messages. We paste in all the photos and ask your guests to decorate their page or write a message. The album doesn't cost extra and we even bring the metallic pens and tape on the day to manage the whole thing.

Double Prints

and Digitals

This is somewhere that no disposable camera can compete with the power of digital. We print two copies, at the event, everytime. That means your guests can't take the only print, your guests get a copy immediately and no one is worried about "wasting all the film". Just a couple of the many reasons why hundreds of clients every year pick this unique service exclusive to Undisposable.

Digital Gallery


Whenever we load photos from the cameras we back them up to your gallery and delete them from the cameras to prevent repeats. The gallery is password protected and sent straight to your email after your event. Download all the photos at once, one at a time or send your guests the link so they can access the day's coverage. We maintain these galleries for at least 2 years online but have a permanent offline backup in case you lose the files to computer error in the years after your event. USBs are regularly lost or corrupted and we won't jeopardise your photos on one.


Guest Cameras

We love weddings and they make up about 75% of our roaming camera hires. That is because the day brings together everyone you want to enjoy a party, hosts feel obligated to give their guests a take home, and trying to come up with a neutrally entertaining idea for what is generally a 7 hour event. We bring cameras to entertain the guests, prints for the guests to take home and an album of photos for the couple to treasure. Start us during the canapes or just for the reception and see your day from a different set of eyes.


Guest Cameras

We service all types of private events that want to give their guests a little something extra but the hosts wants the benefit of a set of prints themself. So far we have been to birthdays, engagement parties, anniversaries, awards nights, Christmas parties, bridal showers and baptisms. We provide potential clients with advice about how to best utilise our product because all we want is for every event we take on to be an amazingly positive experience.

Package Inclusions

Our roaming camera hire packages are designed to include everything you would need to get a great experience on the day but we have some options to customise because no two events are the same.
  • Water-proof cameras with batteries and memory cards
  • Attendant and print station for hire time
  • Guest Album with pens and tape (optional)
  • Custom Print Border
  • Two copies of each print
  • Digital files of all photos with and without your custom border
  • Setup and pack-down outside hire time
  • Print size envelopes for guest take home (kraft brown)
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