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Instant Guest Book

Our instant guest album is a scrapbook for memories and messages by those who made them. We don't take the photos, we just print them. We don't come up with the messages of your guests, we just provide the pen. Our guest book comes empty so that your guests can make the most of it.


Sometimes people are having too much fun on the dance floor to leave a message in the book, and that may be the better situation, but we can supply a pretty album for when they sober up.

We've been asked to put every photo in the album, which might seem like a great idea, but we've also had events with 650 photos using albums of 60 pages. We'll do what you ask.


Our aim as a company is not to make memories for you but when something is memorable, we'll be make sure your party has cameras around so someone can capture it.

40% use our guestbook. 40% supply their own.  20% have no album.

Our Album
Client Album

Guest Books Supplied by Client

You supply the album, we supply pens and sticky dots.

No Album

Some clients dont want an album.

box for polaroids
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