Founders at wedding expo

Hey, I’m Peter Kingsley and I started Undisposable.​

If you contact Undisposable you will speak with me (update 2018: you may also speak with my girlfriend Emma, who has now joined me full time).

I’m a nerdy guy who loves photos; it runs in my blood - two photographer parents with a studio for 20 years.
I take cameras with me everywhere, but have managed to leave three of them in taxis/buses and smashed two trying to hike in the Blue Mountains near Sydney.

I became qualified as a civil engineer to feed my interest in maths, problem solving and stable career prospects, but the call of the wedding and events industry was just too strong.

A little more about me:​

  • I like Microsoft Excel, logical processes and lists of all the lists I have.

  • I live with a 5 year plan but make life altering impulse decisions every week.

  • I honour stupid bets and still owe several childhood friends a million bucks.

  • I make mistakes all the time and try to own every one.

  • I have been to hundreds of weddings but only been an invited guest to one as an adult. (Update 2019: Now 8)

  • I am happy when it's cold, and happier again when I’m near snow. There’s snow way to depress me when it's cold.

  • When I was 21 I walked 500 miles but didn’t walk 500 more because I was tired.

  • I love photos. Do not underestimate this. I don’t love photos like you love chocolate. I love photos.

Expect me to look for solutions to problems.
Expect me to laugh at your puns, even if you didn’t mean them to be funny.
Expect me to try to give you the best service I can, even if it means me personally driving 22 hours just to deliver on a promise.

Undisposable is not just me but is based on who I am.
Grab a camera, take some photos and cover your walls and fridge with the memories you don't want to forget!