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Undisposable was started by a nerdy guy who loves photos. With two photographer parents, it made sense to follow in their footsteps, but into the modern digital age.

The roaming cameras were a passion project, trying to simplify giving guests a fun time and instant prints but without the hassle of film. It meant giving people a camera and building out a system around the guest experience to make things logical, easy, quick and reliable. We ditched wifi quickly to make it easy and kept to a nostalgic print design to give an approachable feel with a style that makes you want to stick them on your fridge.

Peter has since left the company but his legacy means we always try to give the best service we can, even if it means personally driving 22 hours just to deliver on a promise. We will look for solutions to problems and support you wherever we can. No matter how many events we have, we know how much yours means to you. 

Grab a camera, take some photos and cover your walls and fridge with the memories you don't want to forget!

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