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Casual Photo booth with Prints

We are 'photos on the fridge' people. We built our booths around prints.
Undisposable is not only a photo booth company but photo booth hire is one of our key services and we're proud that we customised our product at every step of the way with the customer in mind:
  • The paper couldn't be bought here so we imported it ourselves
  • The software couldn't use our paper so the developers built us a custom solution
  • The tripods were tripping drunk people so we sourced a flat base
  • Heritage venues didn't allow taping down power cords so we converted to wireless and battery operated
  • Boomerang animations couldn't be printed so we found a new printing option
  • Hosts invited giants and children so we made a mount system with both height and tilt adjustability
With that in mind we have our Casual Photo Booth with constant ring lighting, custom branded prints and an interactive touch screen so that we can entertain your guests without being an unnecessary distraction. That's part of the reason we also dont have a huge coloured backdrop that barely shows in the prints, but by removing backdrops we offer the most open photo booth available.

Photo Booth

with Prints

Our photo booth takes beautiful photos and prints them instantly on our industrial grade photo printer. We only do our cute print sizing which is big enough to see people's faces but small enough to fit in your pocket. The whole border can be branded with font, logos and vector graphics or even left plain white for a nostalgic look.

Our Photo Booth is Open Facing

There is no box or backdrop and that means no limit on how many friends you can drag into the shot. The approachable feel and guest driven user interface makes this perfect for fun people at all events. Sometimes we face it towards a wall or decoration but that is up to you. Either way we take up no space at all.

GIFs & Boomerangs


Let's get moving. Every hire includes GIFs and Boomerangs as standard to capture hilarious bursts of activity. Spin your partner, blow a kiss or do a shimmy shimmy, your guests of all ages will be cracking up immediately. Individual frames are printed as branded prints, files are sent to SMS instantly and it's all included.

Photo Album

for Memories

For private events we help put together a lasting memory book of moments and messages. We paste in all the photos and ask your guests to decorate their page or write a message. The album is free and we even bring the metallic pens and tape on the day to manage the whole thing.

Corporate Branding


We are professionals at photo prints and know their lasting impact for awareness post-event. We often find activation guests taking photos of our prints and sharing that since a branded print is unique enough of an experience on its own. Companies love our simple and highly effective approach to align the activity with the brand.


We can provide custom print designs, branded interfaces and social sharing portals along with analytics of the event/s. Multi location activations are where our wide service area shines brightest.


Photo Booth

Sometimes in life we really can have it all. Some events don't just want a stationary booth or just roaming cameras so we thought, why not both? Start with a roaming package for any duration and you can add on the full photo booth package for less than half the normal price! We think it's a pretty sweet deal for big or spread out events to maximise their prints and fun.


Photo Booth

Our services are perfectly suited to weddings and that is where we see the bulk of our work. Entertainment anytime after the ceremony and before the guests leave is the right time to have a photo booth. We make sure you get all the prints in an album, give your guests a bit of magic and a uniquely modern experience.

Height Adjustable

Our booth was built for people who can reach stuff on the top shelf and little kids who are still learning to walk. The casual photo booth serves both groups seconds apart and with no gaps. We love being able to bring events of all types a well framed photo. This comes in handy for photo booth lounges, tall archways and neon lettering backdrops, more so when there is only one metre offset so tilting wouldn't be enough.

Package Inclusions

Our photo booth hire packages are designed to include everything you would need to get a great experience on the day.
  • Open Style Touch Screen Photo Kiosk
  • Attendant and print station for hire time
  • Beauty Ring Lighting
  • Props on Sticks and/or digital props
  • User Selection of Still Image/s or Boomerang Style Video per session
  • User Selection of 1 or 4 images per session
  • 2 Custom Branded Prints of every session including video sessions (4 video frames as images)
  • Instant SMS sharing of photos and videos (subject to internet speed, otherwise small delay)
  • Unlimited sessions
Private Events
  • All standard inclusions
  • Scrapbook album with double sided tape and metallic pens
  • Custom branded border
  • Standard SMS sharing text
  • Standard Touch Screen interface
Marketing Events
  • All standard inclusions
  • Custom branded border
  • Custom SMS sharing text
  • Custom Email sharing template
  • Custom Touch Screen interface
  • Custom Micro-Site with social sharing