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Tumbling Waters Retreat, Stanwell Tops NSW

This article was neither sponsored, nor requested. We just value good service.

We have taken our photo booth hire to hundreds of wedding and event venues, but its not everday that we see oustanding service. Tumbling Waters however, gave us an experience like no other.

We were booked to do a casual photo booth for the wedding of Jaime and Kieran on 11/11/19 at Tumbling Waters Retreat. My staff had been there a couple of times before but it was my turn as part of our regular scheduling. On arrival was a hotel to the left, the venue in front and a long lawn area surrounded by so many succulents that plant mum Emma has literally dreamt of for years. Out from the escarpment deck is the beautiful south coast shoreline, complete with beaches, towns and a ocean to the horizon.

With the indoor area wrapped in glass, it was tricky to imagine the best place for our booth so I asked the staff on arrival where they planned for the printer would go. They pointed to a nice trestle table at the edge of the dance floor and right at the al-fresco transition which was perfect so that our wireless booth could follow the guests outside to inside as the party ensued.

With all the guests mingling about and looking for their first snack and champers that was when I noticed some genuine care by the staff of Tumbling Waters. Walking around like a greek grandmother asking everyone to eat the delicious treats, the plates all day were small, constant and delivered with a smile. Drinks were served from the bar and I helped myself to the two mocktail dispensers at the secondary bar right next to my print station.

The wait staff came over to me probably 20 times in the 5 hour booking to check if I had enough table space, power access, hydration, sustenance and seating. As a supplier it is often that we get over looked and I couldn't help but take special notice of how much attention I was being given by the staff without seeming to take them away from serving the 100 or so guests. I emailed them the next day to say thanks, but more so to notice the difference made by feeling part of the overall team working for the wedding couple. We strive to serve as a active team member along with the venue, stylists, photographers, DJ/bands and other suppliers but Tumbling Waters' staff enable an absolute team based approach for other venues to envy.

Our booth was a hit, with hundreds of sessions, loads of boomerangs and a book full to the brim with prints. No backdrop was necessary and we shifted the booth inside later on without the glass doors being an issue at all. Our photo booth hire was a success.

Our clients normally have a venue booked in before they contact us but if you're looking for a casually elegant venue with beautiful views, numerous amenities and a supportive team of staff, I'd highly recommend Tumbling Waters - Just a 15 minute drive from southern Sydney and nestled atop the Illawarra Escarpement. As a further bonus, if you book us for Tumbling Waters we'll give you a bonus hour of hire on top of any package, including photo booth hire!

You can find them at Ask for Sonja :)



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