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Long Reef Golf Club, Collaroy NSW

This article was neither sponsored, nor requested. We just value good service.

When Undisposable started out with photo booths and roaming cameras, we quickly were inundated with requests for events all over Australia even though we were based in Sydney. It meant for a few years we couldn't get to know venues and vendors as well as we'd like because we were quick spread out. As time went on we tried really hard to change that because finding the best people to work with means better results, happier clients and that when little things come up that everyone can work together to sort it out.

After only a couple of wedding couples booking our roaming cameras with prints for Long Reef Golf Club we noticed a team that always strived to bring the best to the their couples, guests and staff. We offered discounts to clients at the venue before we were preferred suppliers, simpyl because we love working with them so much. It helps how beautiful the grounds and local beach atmosphere are at the venue so that from ceremony to location photos and reception, the site offers ample amenities and view points to build an event around.

Given the beachside feel, we found styling to be a consistent mix of bohemiam and hampton decor and that busy bold colours were less common. That meant a perfect opportunity for our understated photo services to fill the gap where over-the-top photo booth services were unsuitable. In practice this meant the roaming cameras were most common over the last couple of years with some also selecting the casual photo booth and especially following the onset of Covid our web-link printing has been highly sought.

These types of services always work well with the outdoor to indoor transition so there are plenty of flattering posed photos in the courtyard and then loads of fun photos inside as well.

The consistent styling also means a table is always easy to locate and arrange in a complimentary fashion so that the scrapbook album can be written in by guests and the attention on the event itself is maintained.

Guests love being in control of the photo entertainment and our cameras are allowed to go where the guests are, like out in the courtyard where the view is stunning. Our staff are always well cared for by the venue staff, which should not be overlooked from our view as we always find clients are happier after the events where the vendors work together well to seamlessly deliver an event to the expectation of the host.

Our clients normally have a venue booked in before they contact us but if you're looking for a beachside wedding venue on the Northern Beaches and team of suppliers that work well together, I'd highly recommend Long Reef Golf Club. As a bonus, if you book us for Long Reef Gold Club we'll give you a bonus hour of hire on top of any package, just use coupon code "prefer100".

We highly recommend that whether you book the venue or not that you check out their experienced preferred suppliers.



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