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Bendooley Estate, Berrima NSW

This article was neither sponsored, nor requested. We just enjoy working in pretty venues that suit our services.

When we started our photo service in 2016 we didn't know where our roaming cameras with prints would work best. We were quickly hired for weddings on farms, wineries and estates with our first two events being at Willow Farm, Berry and Circa 1876 Winery and Restaurant, Pokolbin. It felt like exposed timber and country estates had more of an intimate feeling, personalised in a professional DIY kind of way. That made some sense, rather than a big bold photo booth setup our roaming cameras in the hands of guests inspired nostalgia of disposable cameras, perfect for venues with outdoor grounds to roam and take photos in the natural light.

We started following photographers and noticed the crazy number of beautiful hero images coming out of the southern highlands from venues like Bendooley Estate, Berrima NSW. Next we noticed this unique book wall setup for loads of the weddings and we were intrigued what it was all about. It didn't take long until we were getting quote requests for the book barn and we couldn't have been more delighted.

With the ceremonies being held just a short walk away by a large pond and and surrounded by a shady canopy, this is a location surrounded by purposeful nature. We were pretty keen once we started getting bookings there and found it a perfect venue for Canape Capture where our staff take photos between ceremony and reception, then have either the Roaming Cameras or Casual Photo Booth during the wedding reception in the Book Barn.

The food is always plentiful and delicious with staff specifically taking care of vendors like us to make sure our needs are met and can best serve the clients. Bendooley Estate to us is a mainstay for wedding photographer hero images because its actually difficult to not get the photos they want to produce a stunning album. In summertime when there is an uncut field, the warm tones of the dried grass has been a backdrop to many a bridal shoot and we're always waiting to see how photographers use the grounds to constantly find new and interesting shots. Our amateur photos of guests go in the scrapbook and don't compare to the pros, but getting that combo of stunning photos and silly candids is why wedding couples hire services like ours.

We were excited when The Stables was announced and started offering events. Its a new venue by Bendooley Estate, just next door and with a slightly different feel being a lighter toned timber barn custom built with weddings in mind. The black accents are nicely modern and the west facing glass gives the room a golden feel as weddings transition from daylight elegance to night time party mode. This room still has that intimate feeling that Bendooley is famous for.

We weren't sure how Covid would treat us but because the southern highlands were generally excluded from restrictions, but we noticed a huge uptick in how many weddings we were doing in the region. Even without being associated with Bendooley we've currently got seven bookings at Bendooley Estate in 2021 and we're sure that we'll have many more engaged couples calling us shortly about the wedding they can now put on with some certainty.

Our cameras and booth are always a hit in venues like this and while sometimes we use the books as the backdrop, loads of couples put their own spin on it with special decorations, styling or even furniture hire. Neon signs and the latest in customised decor and the humble lighting in the book barn plays very well with our photo booth to produce some stunning and fun photos of the wedding guests.

Our clients normally have a venue booked in before they contact us but if you're looking for an instantly classic wedding venue with delicious food, sprawling vibrant grounds and a 'novel' feel then we highly recommend Bendooley Estate for either their Book Barn or The Stables.

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