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Peg and String Stand

Have you been on Pinterest lately and seen all the beautiful peg and string displays for polaroids? Well we have too!

The only downside is they normally are the film polaroids, which means that if its hanging up then the guest doesn't get to take it home. Upside of Undisposable is two copies, so the guest gets one and you get to hang up.

Our Peg and String Stand is whitewash timber and perfectly sized for our cute and compact setup. Just give us and table and we can set this stand up with our printer so guests are reminded of the photos they could be taking and hosts can see even from far away how much fun guests are having. 

Some events use our frame as a "Replace your name with your photo" to make sure everyone is covered. Just leave us the stack of guest name cards and we'll peg them up for you.

Stand Hire - $50

Can you 'stand' how pretty it is?