4 things you need to know when hiring an Instagram Printer

Instagram printing for events all started with a crowd funded kickstarter. The printer looked super cute, took a minute to print and never got released for public purchase because it didn't meet the funding goal. The innovative company instead kept it to themselves, charged $5k+ to go to an event which unfortunately made it unaffordable for regular weddings and events. Awesome for all the companies which could afford it but not great for couples.

Soon after came affordable options and it seemed to be a no brainer, if you wanted printed photos from throughout the day, but didn't want a photobooth, then you got an instagram printer. The photos looked great, everyone will be instagramming so it just makes sense to have one hashtag for the wedding and get everyone to post with it. The couple can collect the memories and reward those that took them with prints, instantly!

Before hiring an event instagram printer, there are 4 things you may not have thought of:

  1. Guests need to have instagram

  2. Guests need to use instagram

  3. Guests need to post publicly on their profile for every single print

  4. Guests need to know and use the correct hashtag

For private events, instagram printing companies take most of the photos on their company accounts because its much easier than teaching all the guests how to do it. When guests are partying the last thing they want is tricky instructions, why not give them back some freedom?

How we fill the gap that instagram printing leaves:

  1. We don't want guests without instagram to miss out so we give them a digital camera. 

  2. We don't want guests to have to change their private profile to public, so we give them a digital camera.

  3. We don't want guests to miss out on silly photos, which may not be insta ready but are still memorable, so we give them a digital camera.

  4. We don't want all your prints to be taken by the attendant because so few of the guests used the instagram printer, so we give them a digital camera.


10 seconds of explanation to each table is all it takes because our system is just a camera and everyone knows how to a press a button. Those few words spur on hours of non-stop printing as guests discover this new and exciting thing, a camera that prints. So simple, so quick, so good.

Undisposable can do instagram printing too, but its not our most common add-on by far. We only get an extra 20-50 photos, compared to our digital cameras which produce between 200-800 in the same time.

Without an instagram printing add-on our digital cameras normally can't print photos from the ceremony. What we can print though is photos at the reception from your 5 year old nephew who needs entertainment but doesn't have a phone, your drunk mate who can't event unlock their phone and your great aunty who still uses a fax machine.

Do yourself a favour and let our technology make your special day super simple. Cameras and prints. Easy.

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